Gaming Addiction...New Hope!

By Stephen C. Schultz

"John" was a bright kid at twelve. He was a good student and had a loving supportive family. He was a bit shy, somewhat reserved, but personable. At all appearances he seemed to be a typical kid with a bright future as he entered early adolescence.

Now, at 22, "Johns" parents are concerned. They have sarcastically joked that he is now officially a member of the "failure to launch" club. While he was accepted to the local State University right out of High School, he didn't even make it through the first semester. He stays in his room for hours at a time. He refuses to shower or maintain appropriate hygiene. When his parents force him to leave the house he becomes irritable and argumentative. A threat to get rid of the computer and internet service only escalates the fighting and contention in the home. "John" is a "Gamer"!

I met Cosette Rae, MSW in Tucson at a conference for clinicians and treatment professionals. She shared with me that she worked twenty years in the IT industry before she became a therapist. Located in the Northwest, she has been able to combine her experience and love for helping others in a unique treatment option for young adults just like “John”.

You really should check it out…


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