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Should a teen ever leave his date at a party?

By Stephen C. Schultz

The large Douglas fir trees were black silhouette’s against the cotton like sky that glowed as the city lights reflected off the low billowing clouds. There was a January mist in the air that was more than fog, but not quite rain. The moisture wrapped around you; cool and unnoticed, until you entered a home or a building and you realized that you were wet.

I was at the home of a friend of mine who happened to be a girl. We attended the same high school and had dated a few times and enjoyed each others company. While it wasn’t a serious relationship, it was a relationship none the less. 
Looking back, that evening started with a phone call, you know, the call where I was on the couch in the family room talking on the phone that was connected to the kitchen by a thirty foot phone cord. We were discussing what we wanted to do that night. She mentioned that she had heard of a party taking place not far from where she lived. She asked if I wanted to go. I was not mu…

A Parent Narrative! "The Tricycle Tip-Over"


The Fireworks of Family Interactions

Guest Blogger Jared C Schultz, PhD
(Editors note: This is a piece written by my brother. It is an actual occurrence that happened when we were kids. I have posted this because it is a fun memory of our childhood. I would encourage others to write their memories and share them with family. Please enjoy!)

The boy, a young man really, stepped from the shower. Wrapped in an ill smelling towel grabbed off the floor, he begins his daily hygiene routine of deodorant, brushing teeth, and a small dab of anti-fungal cream in places he refuses to talk about. It is a unique time in this young man’s life as he has just returned from an outing with friends. Not an outing of ordinary happenstance, but one of significant, life altering proportions. He has broken the law.

It is probably not the first time in his short, fairly trouble less life growing up in Eugene Oregon, and certainly will not be the last. A whimsical smile creases the corners of his mouth as he examines his reflection in the steam-b…

Bullying has simply got to stop!