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Oxbow Academy – Wins Telly Award for Best Teen Documentary

By Stephen C. Schultz It’s nice to have a teen therapeutic program that changes lives for the better . It’s quite another story when you can say that you provide “Award Winning” care and treatment.    While it is true, the Telly Award judges aren’t experts in the treatment of teens who struggle with sexual concerns, it is obvious through the documentary that Oxbow Academy makes an exceptional positive impact with teens. The 3 rd Place Bronze award for the Best Teen Documentary went to the video entitled:  New Beginning: DJ Part 8 This piece was produced by Jennifer C. Jones and is the last in a video documentary series that features the clinical process of Oxbow Academy as they work with abused teens as well as an abused horse. I hope you enjoy this award winning documentary!

Self Harm and the Process of Healing

By Stephen C. Schultz  With three daughters of my own, it’s always a moving experience to see and listen to teen girls in therapy. I am often saddened by the emotional struggles that these girls have endured in their short life times. Some are forced to deal with grown up problems way too early through experiences with abuse , trauma , substance use and even self harm . Many times these issues are complicated with symptoms of depression or anxiety . There is something troubling when a teenage girl has a hard time seeing a reason to live. I recall in the early 1990’s, working at a psychiatric hospital as the admissions and marketing director. I was in my office one evening and got a call from a local therapist.  This therapist said;  “Hi Steve, I have a female teen, 18 years of age. We were working through some of her trauma when she asked to use the bathroom. She left my office and did not come back in to finish her session. I sent my receptionist in

The Positive Influence of Books

Guest Blog  By Ryan C. Schultz Age 19     There have been many books that I have read that have helped to influence the person I have become and the way I live my life.  I have noticed that teens and young children spend so much time with their games and handhelds that they rarely read books anymore. If you are a parent of young children or teens, these are some books that you may find helpful in getting your kids to read more. You can even have them read this post…maybe they will pay more attention if it’s not their parent suggesting they read more. These are a few of the books that have had an impact on my life: Curious George , The Dumb Bunnies , Spot , The Thief Lord , Treasure Island , Sherlock Holmes , Lessons for Life , The Traveler’s Gift, One Shot , and Dead or Alive . Curious George fed my desire for adventure.  I would read those books about a curious monkey who had all these cool adventures everyday.  When I was little I lived for the adventur