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“Being Good on the Phone”…It’s not what you think!

By Stephen C. Schultz I was sitting at my desk the other day and a colleague of mine poked his head in the door and said; “Man…Schultz; you are Good on the Phone .” I chuckled and said with a smirk; “Thanks, but just make sure that statement doesn’t get around the office. I don’t need the mockery that will come my way with people hearing that I’m Good on the Phone !” That conversation started me thinking. Our organization is in the process of growth and we have been interviewing for therapists as well as admissions directors for a couple of our treatment programs. So, I wondered what that really meant when my colleague said I was Good on the Phone . And, was this a skill set that could be shared. With over 25 years in the field of Mental Healthcare, I have worked in administration, marketing, clinical services and admissions. I even did a four year stint with an advertising agency. There are “Sales” Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Seminars, Webinars, Websites and Workboo

An Open Letter to International Educators

By Stephen C. Schultz Please allow me to share an experience I had at one of the International  ICEF Conferences in Montreal. I was speaking with an educator from Canada and she mentioned to me; “I wish I had known about your services last year. I had a student from China who struggled with an eating disorder. We did all we could to assist her, but she was eventually sent back to China. She was embarrassed, her parents were embarrassed, it was not a good outcome for this girl or her family. Is this the type of student you can help?” I said, “Absolutely!” Please feel free to review the below links to learn more about Discovery Academy for teenagers and our short term Medicine Wheel program for young adults age 18-25.   I have been asked by educators, consultants and agents alike how we might work together. My hope is that we can be seen as a resource when you have a student that needs this level of assistance. We can be a solution focused option for the student and the

Teenage Sexual Concerns - Hiding in Plain Sight

By Stephen C. Schultz I was recently in Tucson Arizona meeting with the family of a student who graduated from Oxbow Academy.  I was traveling with the clinical director of Oxbow, Todd Spaulding LCSW.   We also had the opportunity to meet with allied health professionals in the area who work with troubled teens and their families. As we met with folks in Tucson, I just wanted to make a brief introduction to Oxbow Academy. I shared with them that Oxbow works with families that are struggling with a son who is burdened with sexual behavioral concerns. Often this is excessive use of pornography, inappropriately touching a sibling, friend or neighbor or other compulsive sexual behaviors. About half of our students come to us with some type of Learning Disability (LD) and 60% are adopted…80 and above IQ, but socially awkward. If you are reading this as a clinician or as a parent, I’m sure you are aware; this is a growing problem, one that “society” is

Perfectly Wicked - A new take on an old fairy tale!

Guest Blogger Amanda Schultz Age 15 There she was…hair as black as night, lips as red as blood, skin as white as snow. Standing by the window, washing dishes, whistling while she worked. Snow White. I shudder with disgust every time I hear her name. What kind of a name is that anyway? “Snow White”. Gahhh, it’s a name that practically begs to be made fun of. Yet, there she goes, frolicking around like she owns the Enchanted Forest. No. I’m the Queen. I’m in charge. My magic mirror was mistaken. I’m the Fairest of them all, not that sorry excuse for a princess. One bite from my poison apple and that air-head will be so ugly not even her mother could love her. And I will be the Fairest once again! I suppose that I should rewind a little bit. It wasn’t always a competition between Snow White and me. In fact, back in the day, we had a nice little system going on. I would rule the kingdom and practice my magic, while Snow did the dishes and tended the garden. She stayed out of my w