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Teen Sexual Concerns & Therapeutic Insight

By Stephen C. Schultz Todd Spaulding, LCSW, CSAT is also the Clinical Director at Oxbow Academy. Recently he presented at the  International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals  (IITAP) conference in Arizona. Therapists from around the globe gathered to discuss and learn the latest therapeutic techniques and interventions for those who struggle with sexual trauma and addiction concerns. Todd was able to train specifically on working with adolescents. For those colleagues who specialize in adolescent treatment, Oxbow Academy represents a blending of best practices and philosophy from RedCliff Ascent ,  Discovery Academy ,  Discovery Ranch to serve the sexually dependent and reactive teen population. Oxbow Academy provides a customized and personalized intervention for students suffering with very sensitive and emotional issues. ( ) Students struggling with Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) in a general therapeutic residential setting

The Subtle Process of Healing

By Stephen C. Schultz The weather was wonderful…about 55 degrees Fahrenheit and blue skies. The warm sun was absorbed by my face as the sage and junipers swayed gently in a cool breeze blowing from the West. There is nothing quite like the smell of sage growing wild in the high mountain deserts of the Southwest. I was sitting on a small boulder outside the kitchen at Discovery Ranch for Girls . DRG is a residential facility that provides personal and customized care to young teenage girls who struggle with emotional concerns.  I walked up some stairs and into the lodge (Kitchen and eating area) and heard some discussions going on in the kitchen. I walked in and there were five girls all being instructed on how to make a cob Salad. There was one girl slicing tomato’s and another had cut up celery. There was one student chopping lettuce and a girl at the stove boiling eggs and cooking bacon. They were smiling and talking and laughing and learning and feeling and simply