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"The One That Got Away"...A Tribute To My Father

By Stephen C. Schultz The mist drifted effortlessly above the glass-like water. Drips from the oars broke the silence as they rhythmically melted into the lake sending endless miniature waves out in every direction. Dawn was upon me, my favorite time of day. Overhead, I heard a faint whistling sound that grew ever louder. I looked up and saw ten to fifteen mallards, wings set, gliding, tipping, and adjusting in unison, as they lit simultaneously on the water about Twenty-five yards from my boat near the lily pads. What a beautiful sight. Mornings like this were common on Collard Lake in 1973. At the age of ten, there was nowhere on earth I would rather be, than in the old aluminum rowboat with my father, stalking that elusive lunker. That trophy large mouth bass that I knew was just waiting in the limbs of the next fallen Doug fir, Cedar, or at the edge of the lily pads just around the corner. I was not new to this ritual, for it was the same every morning we were at “The Ca

Meet the Executive Director at Discovery Ranch

By Stephen C. Schultz Clinton Dorny has worked in the field of mental Health for well over 20 years. He is a friend and a mentor to troubled teens from across the country. Check out this short heartwarming video of teaching students in ways that go far beyond the ABC's...

What is the price of integrity?

By Stephen C. Schultz I got home from work the other evening and my wife was on the phone with the local Pizza place. She asked me if I would go pick up the pizza. So, I got back in the car and off I went to get the pizza. I walked in the door of the pizza place and there was a line of ten or so people. Some were ordering and others were simply there to pick up their pizza like me. The young lady behind the register was very pleasant and spoke in broken English. It was apparent that she struggled to make change, even with the register doing most of the work. I stepped to the counter when it was my turn and gave her my name. She turned and grabbed the pizza, looked at the receipt, and told me the total with tax. I had already figured that I was to receive $2.38 in change. When she handed me my change, I folded the two bills in half and slipped the coins in my pocket. I headed out the door and towards my car. I was juggling the pizza boxes and the dollar bills as I leaned d

There is hope for treatment resistant teens!

By Stephen C.  Schultz I fondly recall a conversation I had in the car with an Educator as we were visiting treatment programs for troubled teenagers. RedCliff is one of the original founding members of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH) and I mentioned some of the recent research that had been done. This Educator made a comment based on her perception of RedCliff. She stated, “… RedCliff has the reputation for working with the clinically complicated cases…and you should embrace that reputation.” That comment started me thinking. Why does RedCliff have that reputation? Is it a reputation RedCliff has fostered and promoted? Is it a good thing or bad thing being known for your ability to work with “Clinically Complicated” kids? What does that say about the clinical expertise of the therapists? If RedCliff really does excel with these families, why is that? So, I traveled to RedCliff and started asking questions. I made a point to meet with the clinical team of R