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The International Reach of RedCliff Ascent

By Stephen C. Schultz I was sitting in my office the other day and got a call from a therapist at RedCliff Ascent . He mentioned to me that he had met with an i nternational educational consultant last week at one of the RedCliff Ascent wilderness treatment program graduations. This particular consultant had come to the States from Russia to act as a translator for the family of the student who was graduating. He was helping the family get the student placed in a traditional boarding school after his graduation from RedCliff. This consultant mentioned to the therapist that he may have another student to enroll in RedCliff soon. I did a little research and it turns out that RedCliff has had three students from Russia over the last few months. RedCliff Ascent regularly has international students attend. I have actually been out in the backcountry and visited at different times with students from the United Kingdom , France , Bermuda , Israel , Australia , Singapore , Italy ,

Wilderness Treatment Provides Perspective

By Stephen C. Schultz Editors Note: This is another excerpt from some of the material that teens and young adults learn while at RedCliff Ascent . Students gain physical competency, develop emotional insight and demonstrate improved maturity. This particular segment provides a thoughtful perspective for teens and young adults who have been raised in relative comfort.     Earth Many “primitive” peoples considered the earth to be their true mother and the sky their father, and that there was a grandfather, (Creator) somewhere beyond it all.   In this you can see a basic difference between the worldview of the old ones and of our own.   They thought they belonged to the earth; we believe that the earth belongs to us.   You wouldn’t cut off your mother’s hair, or drain out her life’s blood.   You wouldn’t blow smoke in your fathers face, or poison his breath.   Yet we have no hesitation in destroying anything that is merely a possession.   We seem to have this notion that we

The Fire Within – A Life Metaphor

By Stephen C. Schultz   Editors Note: This is an excerpt from some of the material that teens and young adults learn while at RedCliff Ascent . Much of the work that is done by students is to gain physical competency, develop emotional insight and demonstrate improved maturity.   Fire “ In the time before this one, there was a great excitement in the sky country. It was the day of giving. All of the spirit people were going to receive a gift from the Creator, whatever they wanted.   There was a lot of pushing and shoving (even some fighting), in the long line that led up to the lodge of the sky father. As each spirit approached the Maker, they knelt and asked for a gift, one that they thought might help them in the world below.   Some wanted cunning, some strength, or keen eyes or ears. Some asked for the ability to run fast, to fly high, or to dig low. There were also those who wanted to live on the land, and those who wanted to live under the water. To each one was g

RedCliff Ascent - Did You Know?

By Stephen C. Schultz Did You Know? RedCliff Ascent tracks the physical effects of each student when they enter our program. We keep a database of each student’s body mass index. We can demonstrate empirically that males loose about 5lbs of fat and gain about 7lbs of muscle mass throughout their stay. Females loose about 10lbs of fat and gain about 5lbs of muscle mass. Students are required to have a 3500-calorie per day diet. Each week the students BMI is updated and adjustments are made to diet as needed.   Oh…and we have been doing this for well over a decade! This means Educational Consultants, Allied Health Professionals and families can be assured there is no other program more sophisticated in maintaining the student’s nutritional health and well being than RedCliff Ascent. Did You Know? RedCliff Ascent leads the industry in research informed practices and outcomes. Of the eight original OBHIC programs featured in Dr. Keith Russell’s research over a decad