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A great list of self help books

 By Stephen C. Schultz A thorough list of self help books! Most people recognize that the COVID-19 Pandemic seriously disrupted life as we knew it. From sheltering in place to academic shut downs to economic down turn and is obvious there was an emotional toll on everyone. Over 53% of adults in the United States report that their mental health and substance use has become worse since the start of the pandemic due to stress, anxiety and simply worrying about COVID-19. Many also report having problems with sleeping, eating and increased use of alcohol. This information and more can be found at this link that contains data concerning the impact on mental health. I have spoken with parents who are still struggling with the associated issues of working from home or no work at all...and, their kids out of school trying to be educated online.  So, I have assembled a list of books and resources for families. There are certainly many more out there, but these are some of the