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You're not alone! Parents discuss problematic teenage sexual behavior

By Stephen C. Schultz If you are employed in any of the private service or community careers of education, law, healthcare or mental health counseling you are very aware of an increase in Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) in the clientele that you serve. Children are being exposed to sexual material through electronic media at an earlier and earlier age. Many students at Oxbow Academy report their first exposure to pornography at 4 yrs old. This issue is affecting families across the country and around the world without regard for race, religion or socioeconomic status. This is a video of an actual conversation with parents whose teenage sons are struggling with sexual behavior problems. For families that find themselves in this same situation, it's important to know that... You're not alone. If you are a parent who finds yourself in this particular situation, please don't hesitate to contact Oxbow Academy . There is help...there is hope!

History of "Brat Camp"

By Stephen c. Schultz Critical acclaim for the original "Brat Camp" (Filmed at RedCliff Ascent ) was extremely positive. In 2004 the documentary was honored with an International Emmy Award, the highest award given in television, for Best Non-scripted Program. Check out this piece featured in Addiction Professional Magazine

Growing Desire - Teens and Pornography

By Stephen C. Schultz Pornography is an ever increasing concern for teens. The static, printed soft-core magazines of past generations are not the norm today. Video and the interactive media of computer games provides a whole different exposure to young developing brains. I see requests for help from parents everyday whose sons are involved in compulsive computer use. These families are worried about their sons school, friends, motivation and social competence. For those who may not have seen the Texas CBS 7 series on teens and pornography, I have included the link below. Oxbow Academy is featured in this investigative report. Teen Porn Addiction 1 Teen Porn Addiction 2 This is always a difficult topic to discuss and one that society has yet to get a grasp on. If you are a clinician that works with teens, you may have seen an increase in these issues among your clientele. There is help...there is hope!