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Oxbow Academy – Unintended Consequences

By Stephen C. Schultz (Editors Note: This post started as an email I sent to a couple of Educational Consultants . It was the culmination of several conversations. I think there is some genuinely good information here that the general public, clinicians and allied health professionals could benefit from.) As helping professionals, we often find ourselves in teaching opportunities. We consult with clients, students, families and even others in our profession. The phrase, “Strength in the Struggle” is prominent at Discovery Ranch (A sister treatment program to Oxbow Academy ). Clinton Dorny, the Executive Director, mentioned to me the other day that they often tell parents, “If your child isn't struggling here at Discovery Ranch, then we're not doing our job.” Much of what we do as treatment programs and the value you provide as a therapist, counselor, coach and educational consultant is to assist families in managing “Unintended Consequences”. There isn't a parent

I can make a difference by helping others!

By Amanda Schultz Written at age 9   You can help your brother tie his shoes, or run outside and get the news. You can help your sister read a book, and help your mother clean and cook! You can greet your family every day, even if things aren’t going your way. Do something simple, be kind and smile! Happiness spreads when you go the extra mile! Be a can do it! Helping’s easy, there’s nothing to it! (Editors note: If you like what Amanda wrote at age 9, see what she wrote at age 15 .)