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Personal Fulfillment – a byproduct of kindness, caring and service

By Stphen C. Schultz As I watch the news and listen to discussions on the daily topics of interest, I find myself disheartened by the selfish, shallow and selective reasoning that seems to be so pervasive throughout our great country. Selfishness creates an attitude of self-pity, which over rides any attempt at empathy for others, compassion or thoughts of service. Chronic self-concern means that the emotional "No Vacancy" sign will always be sputtering. I find myself asking; what ever happened to civility brought about by kindness, tact and tolerance? Where is the courage to be caring, honest, faithful and friendly with one another? If we as a people hope for unity, we must embrace patience, peacefulness, respect, idealism, courtesy and honor. My next thought was that these principles seem to be foreign to whole generations. Many seem to be caught up in a “scarcity” mentality where there are only winners and losers with no opportunity for a “win-win” situation to b

Families, Fun & Teen Frustration

By Stephen C. Schultz The black asphalt stretched endlessly to the distant horizon. The telephone poles and wires faded into the distance. The white line in the middle of the road flashed like a strobe in the corner of my eye as each fence post pulsed in a rhythmic flow backwards. The sunset glowed through the clouds in bright purple and magenta as the sun reflected off a lake and slowly set to the west. What a beautiful site! After a long drive, I am writing this post from Oregon where I will be spending time with my family over the 4 th of July Holiday. Just like many families from across the country, this is a time for our families to come together and celebrate the freedom we enjoy in this great country of ours! There will be watermelon, hot dogs, hamburgers and potato salad. There will be fireworks, fishing trips and family fun. While there are websites and blogs that share examples of Holiday activities, food and family festivities, this post will focus on a s