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Fishing...It's really about relationships!

Your Blog Title By Stephen C. Schultz Spring is in the air and that well-known feeling of wanting to get out of the house and go fishing is surging through my body. I found myself in a sporting goods store the other day perusing the fishing lure aisle. I was in the yard after mowing the lawn and realized I was walking around my small 12-foot fishing boat that is still covered from winter. I have had people ask me over the years, "What's so fun about fishing?". They usually follow that question up with, "It's so boring!". From my perspective, they couldn't be further from the truth. Fishing represents so much more than being entertained. It's time in the wilderness with fresh air and solitude. It's time to think and ponder on life's problems. It's time to express gratitude and count your blessings. There is also the satisfaction of reading the water, observing a hatch, and placing a lure or fly in the perfect spot. It