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RedCliff Ascent offers long term positive results to teens and families

By Stephen C. Schultz Research Link – A Comparison Group Study (Time limited link) Highlights This comparison group study looked at the impact of Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare longitudinally on youth participants as reported by their parents. Findings showed that youth participant’s one-year post participation in OBH treatments were functioning significantly better than youth who remained in their communities. Regression analysis showed the only significant predictor of change was participation in the treatment group. Dr. Steven DeMille ~Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Model program offers long term positive results to teens and families~ In 2007, Dr. Steven DeMille found himself working as a field guide in the back country of extreme Southwestern Utah. He was in charge of the activities of daily living for a group of nine students who were enrolled at RedCliff Ascent . Steve, as well as two or three other staff members who were r