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Lessons From A Nine Year Old!

By Stephen C. Schultz The morning was cool, the air was thin. Dew on the grass sparkled a million flashes as the sun peaked over the snow capped mountain. April, at 5000 feet above sea level, is a beautiful time of year. The valleys are green with spring growth and the mountains retain their white-tipped majesty. This particular morning was not only invigorating to the soul; it also ushered in the day that my 9 year old daughter was performing in the ritualistic yearly classroom school play. She had some speaking parts as well as singing parts in this youthful exercise of dramatic passion. We drove to the school and parked in the over crowded parking lot. Parents and students, hand in hand, weaved in and out of parked vehicles in a steady flow that culminated in a bottle neck at the southeast entrance to the school. The walk down the hallway was brisk as we moved like salmon making their way up stream. As we stepped to the door of my daughter’s classroom, she stopped to show

Troubled Teen? What options do parents have?

By Stephen C. Schultz "What can we do to intervene in the life of our struggling teen?" I hear this comment on a regular basis. The number of times I have had this conversation with a family just outside the emergency room in their local hospital is too high to count! Self harm and suicide attempts are stressful for all involved. Often these teens are struggling with drugs, running away, poor grades at school or simply being disenfranchised with life in general. Deciding which therapeutic option is best for their child and their family can be overwhelming. With hundreds of therapeutic programs and services to choose from, parents are confused and uncertain about where to turn for help. Here is a good place to start. Recognized as the foremost leader in Research Informed Treatment, RedCliff Ascent is an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare program that accepts students from across the globe. If sitting in a stuffy outpatient office hasn't worked well for your son

Get paid to camp & hike...a dream job!

By Stephen C. Schultz With a history of a stagnant economy, many college students are graduating and finding it hard to enter the workforce in their chosen field of study. RedCliff Ascent has staff from across the country with various educational backgrounds. In fact, RedCliff appreciates the diversity in education and experience. The more diverse the staff population, the better able RedCliff can meet the very individual needs of each family and student who enroll in the program. This is a video that is simply staff members discussing their training experience at RedCliff Ascent . Nothing staged, nothing planned. I simply drove around the backcountry to different teams of students and pulled the staff aside, turned on the camera and let them talk. Great stuff! If having 1000 square miles of backcountry as your office sounds appealing to you, check out .

You're not alone! Parents discuss problematic teenage sexual behavior

By Stephen C. Schultz If you are employed in any of the private service or community careers of education, law, healthcare or mental health counseling you are very aware of an increase in Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) in the clientele that you serve. Children are being exposed to sexual material through electronic media at an earlier and earlier age. Many students at Oxbow Academy report their first exposure to pornography at 4 yrs old. This issue is affecting families across the country and around the world without regard for race, religion or socioeconomic status. This is a video of an actual conversation with parents whose teenage sons are struggling with sexual behavior problems. For families that find themselves in this same situation, it's important to know that... You're not alone. If you are a parent who finds yourself in this particular situation, please don't hesitate to contact Oxbow Academy . There is help...there is hope!