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The Therapeutic Value of Work

By Jennifer C. Jones (Editors note: Everyone who has studied in a therapeutic or human development discipline understands that there are adolescent "Stages of Development". What I have noticed over the last twenty-five years of working with families is that there are also "Stages of Development" when it comes to career and work. Many of the students who are plagued by emotional concerns miss out on this developmental process. Developing a career path and the necessary skills and competencies is an important aspect of human development. I hope you find this piece by Jennifer Jones engaging and informative. Thank you for visiting, Stephen C. Schultz) Jared Schultz did not want to be a mortician when he grew up. No matter what the interest survey suggested, as a sophomore in high school he was sure formaldehyde was not the way to a girl’s heart; which, after all, was his primary concern at the time.  Nor did he want to be an apartment maintenance worker or

Teens and Sexual Dependency - A helpful option for parents

By Stephen C. Schultz A wise man once said, “The gate of history swings on small hinges. And so do people’s lives.” Small choices can have large consequences.   With the click of a mouse your son may be stepping into a trap carefully laid to prey upon his own developing body . More than 11 million teens view pornography on line (Washington Post 2004). Oxbow Academy offers treatment options specifically designed for teenaged boys who struggle with sexual dependency . Oxbow offers a specialized environment where students can acknowledge their behaviors more quickly, then learn to overcome them. If you fear your son may struggle with sexual dependency, don’t make him fight the battle alone. Answers and information are available at New Hope .   New Help.   No Secrets.

The Therapeutic Value of Research

By Stephen C. Schultz “One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning” ~ James Russell Lowell The smell of cedar and sage is everywhere. The pack is heavy, but not too bad. She used to hate carrying that thing. Now she thinks she’s getting stronger. There’s a murmur of conversation from the kids behind her. Suddenly, the sound of hiking boots against the dry dirt is pierced by a hawk’s cry! Everyone stops…no one talks. They are all thinking the same thing…I Want to Fly! Experience is a valuable aspect of life. Individuals, families, organizations and communities all learn from experience. When working with troubled teens, RedCliff Ascent assists the teens in having healthy and helpful experiences that shape their lives for years to come. RedCliff as an organization is no different. RedCliff must also learn from experience and continue to improve. Here are some ways RedCliff Ascent practices what it preaches.