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Is Your Teen Safe Tonight?

By Stephen C. Schultz For many parents, the first night their child spends at RedCliff Ascent is the first night they have slept peacefully in a long time. There is no more wondering where she is or if she will come home safely. RedCliff Ascent is the wilderness program parents choose when it’s time to intervene and stop the sleepless nights. Your child thinks and behaves as though the whole world is her personal playground. No responsibilities. No consequences. No problems. In other treatment settings, your teen may be labeled only by his diagnosis:  Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, ODD, bipolar mood disorder, or others.        At RedCliff, they know the teen and their illness are two distinctly separate matters. Their therapeutic model addresses each one specifically. “We are not a high adventure recreation camp or a boot camp or any other kind of camp” said Scott Schill, Executive Director. “If a camp or recreational activities were the answer, parents

Journalist Explores Teen Sex Addiction

By Stephen C. Schultz As a partner in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that works with students who are demonstrating out of control sexual behavior, I regularly get calls and emails from the media . Some are legitimately interested in learning more about the issue…others are only looking for a few controversial or humorous sound bites. I recently had a conversation with a journalist from the UK by the name of Trisha R.  It was obvious through her questioning that she had some preconceived notions and ideas about sexual issues in general. I would like to share with you some of her questions and some of my responses. My reason for this is that I’m sure many parents probably have some of the same questions, even if not discussed with allied health professionals personally. She asked some very general questions that leaned towards a simplistic view of sexual issues. So, I tended to answer her questions with more refined questions. Most parents want to avoid having