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Connecting Generations...It's not about technology

By Stephen C. Schultz “Mom!...Mom!...Mom!”,  she exclaimed as she burst in the room. Rough around the edges and worn from age, the door stuck for just a moment when she turned the knob and hit it with her shoulder at the same time. With an unbridled motion, she was through the door. The glass pane rattled and the faux wood blinds swayed back and forth as she caught the inside edge with a left handed  back-swing  and sent the door whistling to its closed position. Past the old wood stove and into the kitchen, she kept yelling, “Mom!...Mom!”.   While I’m not her mom, but her dad, I finally said, “What is it hon? What’s the matter?” She turned and said with a heavy breath, “It was so cool! We sang Over the Rainbow and Puff The Magic Dragon with them!” With her heart rate still up and short rapid bursts of  breathing , she continued, “We even painted their nails! It was so fun…but so sad. They were so happy to see us. One lady even played the ukulele…