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The importance of life perspective in the teenage years

By Stephen C. Schultz The chalk dust was scratching my throat as I spontaneously coughed. It's one of those things that inevitably happens when using chalk and an eraser. It was Sunday and I was preparing to teach a Sunday School lesson on Faith. I was writing a few things on the chalk board when my 15 year old daughter walked in the classroom. As with most teenagers, she strolled over to where I was and said; "I have a hard time seeing you as a teacher." In her fifteen year old way of communicating, she was basically saying; "Teachers are revered fountains of knowledge and understanding...I live with you and you are not that!" I just smiled and said; "Your old man just might surprise you." She went on to sigh under her breath and roll her eyes. We were standing at the edge of a piano and as she leaned across the top, she started to laugh a bit. I asked what she was thinking and she mentioned with a qualifying tone; "I don&#