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Are you into Extreme Sports? We’re into Extreme Life!

By Stephen C. Schultz As a field guide with RedCliff Ascent, you’ll get paid for being outside with a whole bunch of people who like the outdoors as much as you do. You’ll make your living working with struggling teens that are privately placed with us by their parents from across the globe. You will have the  opportunity  to work  closely  with therapist and other allied health professionals. RedCliff is un-like anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s work without walls. This job makes you better, stronger and surer of who you are and what you want in life. It’s an experience you will never forget! You can have it here at RedCliff Ascen t.  For well over 20 years, the staff at RedCliff have helped thousands of teenagers and their families find a new beginning. RedCliff is an extraordinary wilderness treatment program with research based outcome studies to back up its success. The effectiveness of the program and the significant changes made