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Helping Teens Connect in a World of High Anxiety

By Stephen C. Schultz

This is just a quick note to provide an update on Discovery Academy and Connections. If you have explored my blog before, you are probably aware I am involved with a group of treatment programs for teenagers. 

Please allow me to share a couple of experiences I had while at Discovery Academy. I was in Melanie Evans (Director of Admissions) office last week and she was preparing for a parent tour. She was identifying a student that would be able to assist her with the tour when she said;
“Shoot, Troy won’t be able to help us...he is at his internship at ADOBE”. 
I thought to myself; “Wow! How cool is that!” 
Later in the week I ran into a young lady enrolled in Discovery Academy who I had spoken with previously. I asked how she was doing and what she was up to. She mentioned that she was just returning from her job. I mentioned that was awesome and asked if she would share with me what she was doing. She said she was working at McDonalds on the morning shift. She gets u…