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RedCliff Ascent - Did You Know?

By Stephen C. Schultz

Did You Know?

RedCliff Ascent tracks the physical effects of each student when they enter our program. We keep a database of each student’s body mass index. We can demonstrate empirically that males loose about 5lbs of fat and gain about 7lbs of muscle mass throughout their stay. Females loose about 10lbs of fat and gain about 5lbs of muscle mass. Students are required to have a 3500-calorie per day diet. Each week the students BMI is updated and adjustments are made to diet as needed.  Oh…and we have been doing this for well over a decade! This means Educational Consultants, Allied Health Professionals and families can be assured there is no other program more sophisticated in maintaining the student’s nutritional health and well being than RedCliff Ascent.

Did You Know?

RedCliff Ascent leads the industry in research informed practices and outcomes. Of the eight original OBHIC programs featured in Dr. Keith Russell’s research over a decade ago, students attending RCA demonstrated the highest rates of improvement. Since that time, some of the original OBHIC members are no longer providing service and we have had new programs join the research effort. Michael Gass, PhD at the University of New Hampshire has taken over the research efforts and successfully expanded the research efforts of membership programs.

Over the years, Dr. Steven DeMille, Executive Director at RedCliff,  has been instrumental in not only maintaining the RedCliff research efforts, but moving them forward. Redcliff alone is responsible for more than two thirds of total research outcomes submitted to OBH and is the only reliably consistent contributor to the industry research efforts.

The outcomes and results of RedCliff Specific studies have been the driving force behind the recognition of wilderness as a viable primary treatment option as well as the industry designation of an insurance billing code specifically for wilderness therapy. These efforts have improved the standard of clinical care and made wilderness treatment more affordable to families through insurance reimbursement.

The RedCliff Model for Family Therapy was actually studied and determined to be the most clinically effective therapeutic model used in Wilderness Treatment today.

This means that Educational Consultants, Allied Health Professionals and families can be assured RedCliff Ascent is providing State of the Art interventions and clinical care in a cost effective manner to students and families.

Did You Know?

One of the identified factors in RedCliff Ascent being the leader in student outcomes was the fact that RedCliff Ascent is not a program of time (21 days, 30 days, 60 days etc.), but rather a program of completion. (Keith Russell, PhD ) Completion of the RCA program may be the first time a student has actually completed something. When a student sets up their shelter, they own the accomplishment. When they bust their first fire, they own the accomplishment. When they participate in the creation of their treatment plan and then have that “ah ha” moment in therapy, they own the accomplishment. Everything RCA does in the field is to assist that student in disrupting maladaptive patterns and developing the core competencies needed to succeed in life, whether that is at home, at school or enrolled in a residential treatment center.

 This means that the family can feel confidant RCA is committed to providing the best possible clinical intervention, assessment and treatment in the most cost effective manner. It is our commitment to the parents and referring professionals that our first priority is the student and their subsequent success.

Did You Know?

RedCliff Ascent operates on over 650 square miles of BLM and Forrest Service land. Right in the heart of this field of operation is 168 acres of private land. RedCliff purchased this land many years ago with the express intent of creating an “Outpost” that serves two purposes; safety and programmatic.

Outpost serves the purpose of safety by providing access to fresh water, shelter and supplies. There is a staff cabin where backup drivers are able to stay in the field, close to the teams. Should there be some inclement weather or natural disaster of any kind, Outpost is safe and self-contained.

It also provides a centrally located place for student graduations, shindig, clan of the hand and other large gatherings. 

Educational Consultants, allied professionals and families can be assured that RCA is leading the industry in safety measures implemented in the field of operation.


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