What happens after a wilderness treatment program?

By Stephen C. Schultz

They can bust fires, build traps, hike for miles, and turn the most basic of meals into a gourmet experience. And RedCliff Ascent grads can also hit the books.

Many parents wonder what the options are after their son or daughter attends a wilderness treatment program. RedCliff Ascent defines a successful wilderness treatment experience as:

1. Re-engagement in the developmental progress of the student
2. Improvements in a client's physical well being, emotional health, interpersonal relationships and      social engagement
3. Completion of the wilderness-based curriculum
4. Alignment with an appropriate level of aftercare

See what this student had to say about his experience at RedCliff Ascent.

If your son or daughter needs an experience that will help instill a sense of determination, focus and resilience around life's demands, be sure to check out RedCliff Ascent!


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