RedCliff Ascent - International Reach

By Stephen C. Schultz

I receive calls and emails from media representatives as well as parents from across the globe. They are searching for answers...answers to help them relate to their teens.

Technology has NOT brought the family closer together. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Anxiety in teens is up. Parental frustration is up. Families simply find themselves in situational battles more and more often.

Teens tend to gravitate to friends who share this same experience in their own families. Together, they embrace teenage "group think" and inevitably end up in physically or emotionally compromising situations. At this moment, parents start searching for some type of intervention.

Families in Europe have an opportunity to meet and learn from an experienced consultant who understands how wilderness therapy and other proven interventions can benefit troubled teens.

I would like to introduce you to Graham Cook.

You can learn more by clicking on the website.


judithwelltree said…
This looks to be a really exciting and worthwhile project, I can see that it could make a huge difference to young people who may be struggling with challenges they find difficult to overcome unaided.
I appreciate your comment Judith. Thank you so much!

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