“Out of the Mouth of Babes…”

By Stephen C. Schultz

In my line of work, I am made aware everyday of the struggles that teens endure and the pain families suffer. Often it seems we are fighting a losing battle.

There is no doubt, everyone has their own personal struggles and burdens to bare, my family included. However, some people seem to manage the struggles with grace, decorum and a sense of perspective that is inspiring to others.
Four out of the five posts below are written by my daughter. Over the last few years, from time to time, she has written a piece and then asks me if she can post it on my blog. I am happy and proud to do so! Please enjoy some of her written work.

My House Has Stars

Perfectly Wicked - A Fractured Fairy Tale

I can make a difference by helping others!

My Experience with Autism

Why should "Bullies" get all of the attention?


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