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International Boarding School Educates Struggling Students From Around The World

By Stephen C. Schultz

“English usage is sometimes more than mere taste, judgment, and education – sometimes it’s sheer luck, like getting across the street.” ~ E.B. White

Discovery Academy (DA), a flagship Boarding School that enrolls students aged 13-18, is a great educational opportunity for the foreign student who would benefit from an international experience. DA specializes in providing academic services to students that are bright under-achievers who may also struggle with depression, anxiety or substance abuse issues. Many students may lack the emotional maturity necessary or grades to get accepted to a top tier US Boarding School. Foreign students can graduate from DA with an accredited Discovery Academy Diploma and transition right to American Universities. Discovery Academy has been certified through SEVIS to issue Forms I-20 and maintain current F-1/M-1 student records. This approval first occurred in 2005.

In standard academic systems around the world, time is the constant and learning is the variable. In other words, students begin the year and systematically move through the curriculum. At various times throughout the year there are exams given and grades are earned based on the learning of the student. Time is the constant and learning is the variable.

At Discovery Academy, time is the variable and learning is the constant. DA is a competency based learning system. The core curriculum from each subject is broken into learning chapters. The student must learn and demonstrate competency in each chapter before they move on to the next chapter. For example, when a student completes a chapter in 10th year Chemistry, they then take a test on that concept. The expectation is that the student demonstrates at least 80% proficiency before they move to the next chapter. If they score below an 80%, they go back and continue to study the material until they can pass with 80%.

This system allows learning to be the constant and time is the variable. At Discovery Academy, students have the ability to learn and move through the curriculum at a personalized pace. Some subjects may take less time, others a bit more. Students learn how to learn and they become aware of their academic strengths and weaknesses. Because there is a minimum expectation of competency, students are able to have a college preparatory experience with the knowledge that they will achieve at least a B average at Discovery Academy.

Within this academic system, there are also five other academic locations for students who are struggling with more severe emotional issues. The common thread through each program is the Discovery Academy academic system. Each site literally has a campus of DA. So, it is possible for a student to transition from one location to another based on the emotional needs of the student without any disruption in academics.

When luck is not an option, this academic system allows families from around the world to access a first rate education as well as emotional support for those teens who struggle a bit. When learning, competency and self motivation matter, Discovery Academy is the right answer.

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Discovery Academy as well as its sister programs RedCliff Ascent, Discovery Ranch, Discovery Ranch for Girls, Discovery Connections and Oxbow Academy have enrolled students from the United kingdom, Australia, Israel, France, Netherlands, Dubai, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Mexico and Singapore to name a few.


Lon Woodbury said…
"time is the constant and learning is the variable"

What a marvelous way of describing the standard approach to education. When I was in the classroom, I saw very closely one of the consequences of this mind set. I found that in my classroom, I was teaching to the middle. That is, those quick to understand were bored, and those slower to understand were overwhelmed and confused. But, with the rigid time schedule, the best I could hope for would be to help the middle third.


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