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Teen Therapeutic Interventions At A Glance

By Stephen C. Schultz

This is information I have gathered to be helpful for educational consultants, clinicians and other Allied Health Professionals. Please don't hesitate to stop by each of the sites to learn more!

Discovery Ranch for Boys -- Boys RTC - Highly anxious socially awkward boy. The student who “acts in” as opposed to “acting out”.  The model is Experiential with use of DBT, Calf and Equine Therapy. 

Oxbow Academy – Boys RTC – Anxious, socially awkward students with sexual concerns. Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB) and poor social boundaries. Provides comprehensive Psycho-sexual evaluations and works with co-morbid issues. Separate campus for ASD, NLD and highly anxious students. Model is Experiential with use of equine therapy. 

Discovery Ranch for Girls -- Girls RTC - Highly anxious, depressed girl, self harm, eating and body image concerns and process addictions. Clinically intense and highly focused on boundaries and healthy relationships. Model is Experiential with use of calf and equine therapy. 

Discovery Academy – Male and Female Therapeutic Boarding School - bright underachiever or slow learner who can use a normalized environment with therapy support after having previous treatment success. Also, an appropriate student would be one who would benefit from eventually being able to leave campus, navigate public transportation and maintain a job or internship in the community.

Discovery Connections -- Small boys RTC - More manipulative student that struggles in a larger community.  This student needs the small 12-bed environment for appropriate staff support. Career evaluations and internships.

RedCliffAscent – Wilderness Therapy Program – works with males and females that need to re-engage in the adolescent stages of development. These students have strayed into dangerous and clinically significant behaviors. Therapy takes place in the back-country of Southern Utah. RCA is a trekking model so the students and staff are regularly hiking throughout their time with RedCliff. Research informed treatment is provided along with full psychological testing as needed.

MedicineWheel – Wilderness Therapy Program for young adults 18 yrs and older – Managed and operated by RedCliff Ascent, Medicine Wheel works with young adults who struggle with emotional concerns, substance use and general “failure to launch” issues. These students must agree to enrollment prior to admission. 


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