The Pathway to Career Development

By Stephen C. Schultz

Here in the USA, young people are preparing for summer. Some students go year round with shorter summer breaks while others have three months off of school. This is the time of year that many young people look for summertime work. In today's economy, this is no easy task.

For those families across the globe, the local culture and educational system may be different, but the need for teens and young adults to develop skills around work and career are just as imperative for a smooth transition into adulthood.

I have collected some of my blog posts that discuss work and career development. My goal was to have this information available to parents in a single place. I hope you find these resources helpful as you guide your son or daughter down the pathway that leads to their life’s work. 

Career Evaluation and Planning

Food for thought on Young Adult Career development

Career Planning: Is there hope for struggling teens?

Something about work is good for the soul

Opportunity looks a lot like work

The Stinky Side of Summer Jobs

The Therapeutic Value of Work

The Value of Work in Recovery

ADHD and the Courage for a Career

What is the meaning of work?


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