Warning Signs of a Troubled Teen

 By Stephen C. Schultz

How is a parent to know if the concerns they have about their teenage son or daughter need to be addressed at a professional level? When is it time to seek the help of a therapist? How do you measure progress in behavior as well as maturity? Are they simply going through the turbulent teen years or is there something more serious going on?

Teens today have an unrelenting barrage of messages coming at them from many different places. The media is suggesting how they behave, speak, dress and interact with others. Technology offers communication opportunities never before seen, yet few standards on the social implications of its use. There are parental expectations on education and external pressure to be the best at everything they do.

You can read more about  some warning signs associated with Family Discord, Loss of Motivation and Failure to Launch here and here. These are some areas that parents should be aware of so they can intervene early and avoid the pain associated with the struggles of a troubled teen.


Bar Clarke said…
Really great I(nformation, Steve. Thanks, as always for posting.
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