Content is King and other Family Blog Lingo

By Stephen C. Schultz

Having been in raised in Eugene Oregon, I am very familiar with the term evergreen. I grew up exploring the temperate rain forest of Western Oregon. I have spent many a night camping in the rain under Cedar, Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir trees to name a few. The sound of rhythmic drops of water falling from a hundred foot tree to the forest floor brings a sense of peace, comfort and fond memories found nowhere else.

Even though I don’t consider myself a professional blogger, over the years I have become somewhat intrigued with the blogging lingo. I regularly hear that “Content is King” and every once in awhile there is a mention in an article about “Evergreen Content”. Evidently, evergreen content is written material that is never outdated.

I was recently reading through some of my older blog posts. I was amazed at how many articles I have written where the subject matter is timeless. I may have written it three years ago or even five, but the principles don’t ever change, even though the ensuing years continue to pass by.

So, with this in mind, I have identified a few “Evergreen Articles” from my blog to share with you. Chances are you have not dug deep into the archives of The Interpreted Rock to see these Writs of Wisdom. Although, for the life of me...I can’t imagine why not. All attempts at humor aside, I do hope you find these evergreen articles thought provoking, fun or helpful in some way. If you like them, be sure to share them with family and friends. Enjoy!

The Pizza Caper...A Nine Year Old's Sneaky Adventure!

I Long For a Victimless America!

"The One That Got Away"...A Tribute To My Father

Lessons From A Nine Year Old!

The Rescue - A McKenzie River Adventure

My Defining Moment in Time - A Teenage Perspective

My Experience With Autism

A Father’s Proudest Moment

Lessons I learned from a childhood experience with bullying

Hawaii - 5 - O


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