A Tribute To Moms!

By Stephen C. Schultz

(I know it...I'm not much of a poet!)

Since Mother's Day is almost here, it's time to remember our Mother so dear.
There will be gifts and cards and Mother's Day Brunches.
There will be breakfast in bed and flowers in bunches.
Some Moms will get kisses, some a ride in the car.
Some Moms are close by, while others are far.
One thing about Moms, I have learned to this day!
There is always a lesson, and they won't let you stray!
So, check out these posts, they're about teens and their mothers.
If you like them a lot, please share them with others.

A Mothers Wisdom - Lessons for a teenage boy.

An Educator And A Mother  

Why do bad things happen to good people?

My Memories of Mother


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