Wilderness Therapy - Staff Perspectives Video

By Stephen C. Schultz

Over the last 10 -15 years, there have been thousands of youth participate in various types of wilderness therapy and outdoor adventure programs. The goal is to have these teens disrupt some of the negative habits and behavior that cause trouble with their health, academics and family relationships.

Often the clinical staff and individual therapists get most of the attention. I would like you to meet some of the un-sung hero's of RedCliff Ascent. These are the staff who sleep and eat and work and hike and counsel with the students 24/7 in the backcountry of Southeastern Utah.

Please allow me to share a little background. Over 70% of the staff have a bachelors degree or higher. They come to us from across the nation. They pass a background check prior to hire and they all participate in random drug screens. Before they are offered a position, they participate in a week long "training" where they live outdoors, hike the backcountry and work on a curriculum just like the students.

So, at this time, check out Staff Perspectives


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