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A New Commitment To Troubled Teens!

By Stephen C. Schultz With classrooms like no other -- the 12 -1 student to teacher ratio also provides individualized learning like no other at Discovery Academy . Students work through specialized learning plans with ample opportunity for one-on-one teaching between student and teacher. The academic staff have the credentials to serve students with learning differences as well as kids who can handle AP classes. Learn more

The Boy Who Would Be King!

By Stephen C. Schultz Have you ever heard of Drama Therapy? What a cool way for troubled teens to explore their potential and work on developing a healthy identity. Who ever thought that teens with a history of being involved in drugs, running away, fighting with parents, skipping school or physically harming themselves would ever participate in something like this. Discovery Academy is a Clinical Boarding School that blends the best of academics with the clinical support needed to help teens gain perspective, have healthy  experiences with success and move into the rest of their life with the desire to be an independent responsible adult. Discovery Academy is deliberately located in the city. There are numerous opportunities for cultural events, service oriented activities and educational opportunities on college campuses. Students who reach the "Honors Level" have the opportunity to leave campus unaccompanied for work or volunteer responsibilities. All of this t