Discovery Academy Reunites Families

Guest Blog

By Barbara Davis
Senior Admissions Coordinator

Are you struggling with your son or daughter? Does it feel as though you are more and more disconnected from them, their friends and the life they are currently living? Are you concerned about their academics, friends, social media use and appreciation for all you have done as a parent?  Many will say that this is simply the stages of adolescents. However, you kinda know it’s more than that.

I would like to reiterate that everything we do is to assist you in navigating this process. I would encourage you to fill out the confidential online application located on the website. This application process is specifically designed to help you organize your thoughts, identify key high risk areas and facilitate a productive and efficient conversation. Whether you enroll with us or choose another route, having your history and information organized along with the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (YOQ) results, will be beneficial to your success.

As a reminder, we are a Clinical Boarding School located just 20 short minutes down the canyon from Robert Redford's Sundance resort. The goal of Discovery Academy is to align the therapeutic and academic goals of your son or daughter in a personalized manner. This means each student may have a different length of stay based on the individual needs of the student and family. The minimum enrollment is six months.

Discovery Academy specializes in the following areas:

1. Discovery Academy provides a unique and unparalleled academic system based on competency and mastery of each subject.
2. The therapeutic efforts are based on Experiential Therapy. Teens learn and internalize through experience and therapeutic activities.
3. Discovery Academy is uniquely licensed as a Residential Treatment Center and a fully accredited Boarding School.
4. Benefiting from a campus located in the heart of town, students learn and demonstrate executive functioning skills, practice independence and enjoy "normal life experiences."
5. We have an active research component leading to constant improvement and successful outcomes with an emphasis on research informed treatment.
6. We offer an effective Transition / Next Step or After Care component so your child can continue to succeed when they graduate the program.

These links will provide additional resources and overview of our program:



Checking DA out: 

Affiliated Blog:

This blog is a great resource for families. Utilizing the search-bar, information on Discovery Academy is available.

Again, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 855 645 0484. Be sure to ask for Barbara Davis.


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