Discovery Academy – A Common Thread of Academic Competence

By Stephen C. Schultz

The school model at Discovery Academy fosters student success by creating individual academic plans for each student. DA provides the academic support and clinical structure needed so each student can master the curriculum and experience academic achievement.

Teachers provide one-on-one instruction according to the student’s individual needs. This unique educational process allows the students to develop executive functioning skills through mastery of the principles being taught and demonstrating competency through evaluation and assessment. This rigorous academic model helps the students gain the confidence they need for future educational and professional endeavors.

This model has also proven effective at all of Discovery Academy’s sister programs as well. See for yourself the comments shared by the Academic Directors at Discovery Ranch, Discovery Ranch for Girls and OxbowAcademy.

“Our school is very unique in that it provides the students with the opportunity to truly take ownership of their learning. They must engage to make progress and the progress that is made comes directly from their efforts. We provide the supports they need, but the learning is theirs and the success is, too.”
Allison Anderson
Academic Director
Discovery Ranch

“The academic program at Discovery Ranch for Girls is custom designed to meet the challenge of educating our unique community of students by blending small class sizes, content-specific credentialed instructors in each classroom, optional one-on-one tutoring, a robust fine arts and recreation program and special education oversight for every student. We are proud of our graduates and believe in the ability of every student to achieve previously unimaginable academic goals.”
Clint Firth
Academic Director
Discovery Ranch for Girls

“Here at Oxbow Academy, we have taken time to understand the needs of our students and provide them with the accommodations outlined in their individual educational plan (IEP). All of our students set daily goals in order to stay o pace towards graduation.”
Cindy Lindsay
Academic Director
Oxbow Academy


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